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Annually, thirty million people are diagnosed with sepsis worldwide.
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The bodies potentially fatal response to infection.
Save Another Voice From Being Silenced
Sepsis claims more lives than breast cancer, prostate cancer, and aids annually.
-Center For Disease Control 2015

Sepsis Awareness United

Why Are We Here?

Sepsis Awareness United (SAU) was created after co-founder Tory Pereira nearly died from septic shock in 2016. Through further research of sepsis the established consensus is that the infection is far too severe a condition to continue to go unnoticed given its ramifications.
The National Institute of General Medical Science (NIGMS) found that nearly one million Americans become septic annually, of those cases approximately 30%-50% are fatal. With this life threatening condition on the rise, the public’s awareness should be trending the same way. By raising awareness and unveiling the gruesome face of sepsis, this organization strives to reduce the number of fatal cases annually around the world.
Sepsis is the leading cause of death from infection worldwide. Fatalities aside, the financial, physical, and emotional tolls endured by the victims and loved ones are crippling.
In 2013 the U.S. Department of Health and human resources singled out sepsis as the most costly health condition to treat. So costly in fact that the American healthcare system reports over 23 billion dollars in costs ANNUALLY! It’s time to turn the tables on sepsis. It’s time we started fighting back.

Sepsis Education

What Causes Sepsis?
Are Certain People More Likely To Get Sepsis?
How Many People Get Sepsis?
What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Sepsis?

Symptoms & Prevention

To prevent infection of any kind we must be aware of our bodies. Minor surface abrasions or seeming skin  blemishes can be an early symptom to be aware of.


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As a nonprofit organization we rely on the public and our donors for our fundraising and support. Your donation to Sepsis Awareness United keeps our survivors surviving!

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